luke 22

ALR Episode 82 – God Wants You to Have a Weapon

In this week’s episode, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett dissect a sermon from independent Baptist preacher Stephen Anderson who falsely uses passages like Luke 22 to suggest that God wants you to have a weapon and then proceeds to give his flock really bad advice on guns and self defense. Mia…

ALR Episode 75 – A Grown-Up Conversation about Guns

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio, Lloyd responds to shares some thoughts from James 3:1 in response to the Alexandria shooting, responds to some listener feedback, reviews the Canik TP9SF Elite (pronouncing it correctly in the process) and takes on an arrogant, elitist PhD in Clinging to God and Guns….

ALR Episode 58 – Transgressors Carry Swords!

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio we take a look at maybe the goofiest interpretation of Scripture to date. A California Quaker who suggests that Christ’s call for His disciples to buy swords in Luke 22 was so that he could fulfill the prophesy to be numbered with the lawless…