ALR Episode 144 – Sojourners, Travellers, and Migrants

With a migrant caravan header for the southern border, voices on both sides of the immigration issue are misusing God’s Word to support their position. Lloyd and Pastor Bennett examine the subject of illegal immigration and how we, as Christians, should think about the subject. Plus Lloyd’s thoughts on the…

Paris is Coming

It’s taken me a couple of days to wrap my head around the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday. The horrors we saw unfold again in gun-free France lead me, and many others, to one maddening conclusion: it will happen here.

Background Checks, Immigration Policy and the War on Women

Julia is a young, married woman who’s left her abusive husband and moved to a new state to start a new life. The economy in Texas is booming. Housing is plentiful. Jobs are easy to find. Good paying jobs, too. Sounds promising. She’s settled in to a new home, a…

A Perfect Storm

Despite the emotional pleas of gun-banners, new restrictive Federal laws have not been passed since Sandy Hook. But a storm is coming as three seemingly unrelated issues come together to undermine our gun rights: Obamacare, Immigration reform, and Common Core.