Redskins and Gun Control

This week President Obama used his pen and his phone and turned an agency of “his” government against the property rights of private citizens. Citizens whose only crime was to have an 82-year old business whose name and logo are somehow “offensive” to a tiny, perpetually aggrieved minority. The precedent set here, if allowed to stand could be used to affect gun control by bureaucratic fiat.

Inside the Mind of a Gun Banner

Modern liberalism is an ideology of paradox and hypocrisy. The mental gymnastic skill required to be a faithful liberal today is quite remarkable. What’s even more impressive is how oblivious to these paradoxes the average liberal is.

Guns and Tyranny

My son, Reagan, had to write a persuasive essay for his 8th grade English class last week. The assignment was to write an essay based on current events and then read it to the class and defend the position against any questions or dissent. While most of his classmates tackled…