ALR Episode 133 – Matt Disher of American Guns

This week Lloyd is joined by special guest Matt Disher, confessional Lutheran and host of the American Guns podcast to discuss his show, his experiences as a pro-gun public school teacher and his love for the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. Mia shares more rifle shooting tips, we re-visit Aaron’s…

ALR Episode 34 – How to Teach Kids About Evil

With the advent of the 24-hour news cycle and social media, our kids are exposed to news about mankind’s horrific acts of evil more often than ever. From ISIS to cop killings in Dallas, to home-grown acts of terror like Orlando or 9/11, or school shootings like Newtown. We can’t…

Habakkuk’s Complaint in the Modern Age

The prophet Habakkuk called Israel to faith in the face of persistent evil. Just as Judea was made low and chastened for their transgressions so we face similar threats today as we blur the lines between right and wrong.

Never Forget

The pain of that horrific day fades from memory and for our children it is a day they only know because we who remember tell them. We must never forget the evil that was visited upon our shores that day. The lives lost in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC….