ALR Episode 173 – Preaching to Florida Man

Today Lloyd and Pastor Bennett play another round of “Crime and the 10 Commandments,” reviewing some interesting crime news for how the Ten Commandments apply and preaching to the troubled people involved. But this time we’re doing it with a twist, adding in that fabled scallywag, The Florida Man.

What’s the End Game?

Its safe to say that what’s happening in America’s major cities, the riots, the scapegoating of police, the rise in crime, is not random. It’s happening to further a purpose. What’s the end game?

Okay, Let’s Have that Talk About Guns

In the immediate aftermath of mass shootings, gun control advocates reflexively suggest that now is the time to “talk about guns.” The problem is that the positions of the two sides in the gun rights debate are polar opposites. In any discussion between liberty and control, any compromise means means…

Why Are NC Sheriffs Working to Stop Pro-Gun Bill?

Bucking the liberal, knee-jerk trend to restrict the rights of gun owners in other states, the North Carolina General Assembly is on the verge of passing an omnibus Concealed Carry bill (HB937) that only gets better as lawmakers work on it. Unfortunately, the North Carolina Sheriffs Association (NCSA) opposes the…

Symptoms, Not Causes

Guns are not a cause, they are a symptom. Violent movies and television, violent music, violent video games are not a cause, they are a symptom. Our society suffers from a cancerous disease that is rotting from the inside out and the symptoms are all around us. That disease is liberalism. Since we will never acknowledge that fact, and since our schools, universities, the media, and the entertainment world are corrupted by this disease, nothing will ever change. We must constantly fight for our liberties or lose them forever.

God in the Gunfire, Part One

God and guns have more in common than you might think. In one of my more philosophical moments, I began thinking about how, as a Christian, I could reconcile my love for guns with my love of God. I found more similarities than I expected. The two are not mutually…