ALR Episode 57 – Guns and Life

Liberal Christians like the Presbyterian Church want congress to pass more restrictive gun control because all life is precious and killing is antithetical to the will of God. But like Jesus’s call to take the log out of your eye before pointing out the speck in your neighbors, they fail…

ALR Episode 5 – Should Christians Carry Guns?

In this week’s episode we talk about Governor Chris Christie’s new definition of self-defense against the unborn and the parallels between being a gun owner and being a Christian. Sergeant Bill has tips on improving your reloads, and in our first Clinging to God and Guns segment, Pastor John Bennett…

Promoting Life

As the President explained his rationale for yet another executive order on gun control, he evoked the old “if it saves just one life” canard. The problem is, it won’t even do that.

Habakkuk’s Complaint in the Modern Age

The prophet Habakkuk called Israel to faith in the face of persistent evil. Just as Judea was made low and chastened for their transgressions so we face similar threats today as we blur the lines between right and wrong.

Symptoms, Not Causes

Guns are not a cause, they are a symptom. Violent movies and television, violent music, violent video games are not a cause, they are a symptom. Our society suffers from a cancerous disease that is rotting from the inside out and the symptoms are all around us. That disease is liberalism. Since we will never acknowledge that fact, and since our schools, universities, the media, and the entertainment world are corrupted by this disease, nothing will ever change. We must constantly fight for our liberties or lose them forever.