Ruger P95DC Review

The Ruger P95 DC (“De-Cocker”) was my first handgun. Purchased after the teenage son of my neighbor several doors down got out of jail for a drug-related killing. Nothing like a fear-related impulse buy, right?

Buying Your First Handgun

There are a number of considerations and questions you need to ask yourself before you buy your first gun. Having gone through it, and having made my share of mistakes, here are a few thoughts and some pitfalls to avoid.

Disarmed by Chuck E Cheese

We recently took my daughter to Chuck E Cheese for her second birthday. It was a trip we had made many times before with our son when he was that age. It was the first trip we made since I had received my concealed carry permit. Reaching the front door…

Whats in Your Range Bag?

When I first started shooting regularly, one of the first questions I wanted to know was, “what do you pack in your range bag?” I wanted to make sure I had all the bases covered without packing too much crap. Now, with a little experience, I’m in a position to…

In Love with Lula

My Son and I attended the Table Rock Challenge GSSF match in Morganton, North Carolina last weekend. I shot three divisions: Civilian, Sub-Compact and Heavy Metal. There are three stages per division. One stage requires four strings of fire, the others three. The Civilian and Heavy Metal Divisions require 11…

My First Gun: Marlin 60

Given to me by my mom when I was maybe 12, this .22 rifle was my first real gun. My brother and I both were given identical models as Christmas gifts the same year. We took hunter safety in Junior High. We were not hunters. I went squirrel hunting with a friend once, but we got bored and ended up plinking at this and that. My favorite targets were old toys out in our garden. The freshly plowed field made for great muddy fortifications and trenches and my Marlin was the artillery.


Welcome to the Armed Lutheran. We’re just getting up and running. In the coming days you’ll find all kinds of cool stuff about guns and shooting. The Armed Lutheran is dedicated to the Second Amendment, the shooting sports, and guns in general.  I am not an expert marksman, nor am…