ALR Episode 256 – Mail Bag

In this week’s episode, Lloyd is digging into the mailbag to answer some long-overdue listener emails about President Biden, Trump’s personality, Florida Man, Trump’s support for the Second Amendment, and the Libertarian option in the 2020 election.

ALR Episode 255 – Ask the Armed Lutherans #1

This week we have our first “Ask the Armed Lutherans” variety show where the entire cast answers the question: “What was the first gun you learned to shoot with and the first gun you bought for yourself?” Mia, Lloyd, Bill, and John share their own first gun experiences, fun stories,…

ALR Episode 254 – Why Do Churches Support Gun Control?

Turns out, the majority of American Christians may not actually be Christians. They like their religion with a strong dose of personal opinion, politics, and a heaping helping of heresy. Lloyd and Pastor Bennett discuss the vexing question of why American Christian churches get involved in social justice issues like…