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ALR Episode 48 – Shooters Round-Table Redux

In this special episode of Armed Lutheran Radio, we talk about the proposed 2017 IDPA rules. Now that the 2017 IDPA Provisional Rulebook has been released we brought together another group of shooters including special guest Steve Koski (formerly of the GunDudes Podcast and now co-host of the Para-cast Podcast)…

ALR Episode 45 – Shooters Round-Table

On this week’s episode of Armed Lutheran Radio we are doing something a little different. Lloyd is joined by a cast of IDPA shooters to talk about the 2016 IDPA season. Along the way we discuss favorite (and least favorite) matches, stages, funny stories, and then look ahead to 2017…

ALR Episode 51 – 2016 Year in Review, Part 2

In this first episode of 2017 we’re continuing our look back at the guests, the segments, the interviews and the fun that we had in 2016. It’s the final leg of our trip down memory lane as we discuss sin, the three estates, Black Lives Matter, the fourth commandment, gun…

ALR Episode 1 – In the Beginning

In the first episode of Armed Lutheran Radio we talk a lot about choices. How to choose the right gun for you, Sergeant Bill’s Ballistic Minute give us tips on choosing a competition gun for a left-handed shooter, we review the Horizontal Magazine Carrier from SHTF Gear, and why I…

Promoting Life

As the President explained his rationale for yet another executive order on gun control, he evoked the old “if it saves just one life” canard. The problem is, it won’t even do that.

Lessons from the Lone Star

Two weekends ago I shot the worst match of my life at the Lone Star IDPA Championship in Cresson, Texas. Here are a few lessons I learned from a humbling day in the Texas sun.

No, Goldie, this is Not on Us

As you would expect, the anti-gun ghouls are out in full force in the wake of a mass murder in yet another gun-free zone on a community college campus in Oregon.

A Last Look at the Caracal F

I was one of the first to buy the Caracal pistols. I was intrigued by the design and the pedigree. Now they are gone and I miss them already.

2015 Badlands Regional IDPA Championship

I feared that I might be travelling in the rain to a match for the third time this year. With tornadoes threatening North Texas and a storm front racing across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, I headed up US-75 toward Oklahoma and the 15th Annual Badlands Regional IDPA Championship.

Beretta Unveils New APX Pistol

You can’t go wrong with anything produced by a 500-year-old firearms company. To be around that long, they have to be doing something right. The latest from Beretta out of IDEX, the International Defense Expo in Abu Dhabi, is that the company has a new striker-fired defensive pistol coming soon:…

Ideas for the IDPA Suggestion Box

IDPA HQ announced they will be taking suggestions for rules changes and revisions after Nationals. I love the sport, as you know from my previous posts. But there are ways the sport can be improved and changes that need to be made to keep the focus on defense and not…

A Missed Opportunity When Liberals Shoot Guns

Shooting a gun for the first time is an exhilarating experience, even for those who have a preconceived dislike of guns and gun ownership. The truth is that, if done right, exposing anti-gunners to guns can change minds. That’s why I was so disappointed by the BuzzFeed video showing a…

Indoor IDPA at DFW Gun Range

Collin County IDPA club has an enigmatic name. Headquartered in Allen, Texas (in Collin County), the club shoots matches in three different ranges, none of which are actually in Collin County. On Saturdays they hold their regular weekly club matches in Hunt County. One Sunday a month they shoot in…

Miss’ippi Showdown 2014

With our classifications expiring in a week and the heat of Summer finally setting in, my son and I piled into the car for an eight-hour drive to Como, Mississippi for the 2014 Mississippi State IDPA Championship.

2014 Badlands Regional and Oklahoma State IDPA Championship

On June 27, I rushed home early from work, threw my bags and my family in the car and headed north across the red river to the town of Broken Arrow, outside Tulsa, Oklahoma for the 14th Annual Badlands Regional and Oklahoma State IDPA Championship.