The Ten Commands Bundle – Books One and Two (Signed Copies)

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This bundle includes signed copies of the first two books of the Ten Commands Series — “The Fifth Command” and “Forsaking All Others.” Bundle both and get a 10% discount while supplies last!

The Fifth Command – Follow the adventures of a traveling bard named Lewys whose life changes forever when he meets an itinerant priest out to save the world. Together with an Elven Huntress they must save a Dwarven prince in the hopes of stopping a destructive war.

Forsaking All Others – One year after the events of “The Fifth Command,” Lewys and Eryel travel to Akras to petition Count Olin of Cullasa for permission to have her parents attend their wedding. When the Count refuses, and keeps Eryel in captivity, Lewys, Father Jorde and the Elven huntress, Michyle, must find a way to bring her home.

Written for ages 12 and older.

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