Starting a Church Shooting Club eBook


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Back in Episode 79, Lloyd shared tips for starting your own church shooting club. Before you make plans to go out to a range, you need to get organized. There are a number of things you will need to consider, plans to make, and things that have to be done before you can get to the range with your club. In this 84-page booklet Lloyd covers all the necessary steps, including:

  • Finding out if anyone else is interested
  • Getting approval from the church
  • How to select a home range for your events
  • Safety Issues
  • Supplies you will need
  • How to protect the church from lawsuits
  • Ideas for promoting your club’s events
  • How to handle new and young shooters
  • What kinds of activities you can hold, and
  • What to do in an emergency

You will also find examples of events that Lloyd was involved in organizing and hosting, as well as sample documents your club can use.


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