About METALloyd

METALloyd is an American heavy metal band from Celina, Texas. Formed in May of 2022, the group consists of vocalist Lloyd Bailey, guitarist Lloyd Bailey, bassist Lloyd Bailey, and Lloyd Bailey on keyboard and drums. The band is considered an insignificant member of the new wave of the American heavy metal movement with tens of fans across the globe. Since their formation, METALloyd has released two studio albums, three EPs, and six singles. The band's cumulative sales equal almost naught-point-one dollars in the United States.

Origin of the Name

In the early 1990s, when Lloyd Bailey was in college, he interned at the college radio station for an outgoing senior whose show was called “Time to Rage.” When Lloyd hosted his own show in the Spring, he called it “Time to Rage: Revisited” as an homage to his mentor and chose the on-air moniker “METALloyd.” When the band formed in 2022, the name was re-used.


When Lloyd started the Armed Lutheran Radio podcast in 2016 he decided that the soundtrack of the show would be heavy metal. Early years featured royalty-free and paid metal tracks from services like Pond5 and AudioBlocks. In 2021 Lloyd purchased a guitar and began tinkering with the idea of creating his own soundtracks. Recording began in early 2022 with Lloyd on guitar, Lloyd on bass, and Lloyd on drums. The first host-produced soundtrack appeared in episode 306 in March of 2022.

The Brian Experiment Begins

After recording a few soundtracks, the band decided to try creating full songs with the goal of entertaining rock and metal fans while also teaching the faith. Lloyd, reluctant to sing himself, auditioned a number of text-to-speech voices, and ultimately Brian joined the band as the group's vocalist. “We felt like Brian gave us a unique sound,” Lloyd said in an interview later. “I can't sing, and we wanted a voice that was unique and which was easy to understand.”

The Skeleton Man

In June of 2022 the band teased the release of their first album with a Facebook video montage of several songs. “We began by creating songs based on the Lutheran confessions. They didn't have your typical verse-chorus structure. Interesting quotes, Bible passages, that kind of thing.” The group released their first single, an ode to podcast contributor Bill Silvia, “Ballistic Sergeant Bill” on July 4, 2022. A similar salute to contributor John Bennett, “Apples to Fish Tacos” followed on July 13. Over the next few weeks, the band released a series of singles from what would become their first album. These early releases were made available exclusively to members of the Reformation Gun Club. Eventually, these coalesced into the group's first album, “The Skeleton Man,” which debuted on September 2, 2022.

Revelation EP

While “The Skeleton Man” was in production, the band immediately began work on new material. Inspired by passages from the Book of Revelation, they created four songs about the end times prophesies of St. Paul, chapters 6, 7, 12, and 16. For the first time, the band employed the use of sound effects and keyboard in their music. “I was working in the studio one night and got the idea to adapt a hymn to music,” said Lloyd in an interview later. “We settled on LSB 513 [Lutheran Service Book #513, “The Clouds of Judgement Gather”] and that's how we came up with ‘Clouds of Judgement.' I re-arranged the words from the hymn, used part of one verse as the chorus, and the rest is history.” Future releases would follow this example. The first single, “Bowls of Wrath,” was released to Gun Club members the same day that “The Skeleton Man” album was released, and then the remaining songs were released in three-day intervals. The entire EP, entitled “Revelation” was released to stores on September 16, just two weeks after the release of “The Skeleton Man“.

Sling and Stone…and a new Logo

Following the release of the “Revelation” EP, the band released their first stand-alone single, “Sling and Stone,” based on the Bible's description of the epic battle between David and Goliath. This marked the band's first attempt at writing and recording their own, original lyrics. This also marked the debut of the band's new logo, replacing the generic, free logo Lloyd had generated back in May. “Sling and Stone” was released to online stores on October 5, 2022.


With his daughter finishing up her second year of confirmation, Lloyd approached the band about recording short songs to help teenagers learn the Ten Commandments. The other Lloyds thought this was a great idea and the group set about writing and recording ten short (roughly 2-minute) songs, each based on a different commandment. “We wanted something, again, that listeners could easily understand the words to, and which repeated the words of each commandment and the explanation from the Small Catechism,” Lloyd said in an interview at the time. “Plus we added short, memorable quotes from the Large Catechism, to help listeners understand the meanings.” The album, entitled “Decalogue,” included a re-arrangement of the song “The Skeleton Man” which was based on the meaning of the Fourth Commandment and Martin Luther's admonition to parents about the ultimate failure of teaching and disciplining children. The album is available exclusively on the Armed Lutheran shop for just $2 and was never released to online stores.

The Advent of Our King EP

Following the release of the “Revelation” EP the band wanted to explore the idea of adapting more hymns into songs. “A lot of the hymns in the LSB are in the public domain, and they are wonderful theologically,” Lloyd said in an interview at the time. “But hymns don't always translate well to modern musical styles, so we began picking out hymns that we liked and started re-arranging them into a more contemporary verse-chorus pattern. Usually we would take one verse, or part of it, and change it a bit to make it the chorus that repeats between verses.” A number of songs were adapted and recorded which were originally slated for a single release, originally entitled “Sacred Hymns.” But, fearing the entire project would not be done in time for the holiday season, the band's producer recommended they group four related songs in a stand-alone EP to be released in time for Advent. On December 18, 2022, “The Advent of Our King” debuted in online stores.


With the Advent EP released, the remaining “Sacred Hymns” were then to become the group's second full album. They released a teaser video for the song “God of Grace” on December 1, 2022. The group collaborated with Sri Lankan session guitarist Metal Fakir (right) for solos on four songs, making the first time the group had collaborated with outside musicians. On January 18, 2023, the single “A Mighty Fortress” featuring a solo by Metal Fakir, was released to online stores. Though the band had decided on a cover for the album back in December, they had a harder time deciding on a title. The album, now re-titled “Hymnody,” featured a total of nine tracks, and was released to online stores on January 23, 2023.

All the Blood of Beasts EP

On January 3, 2023, in an interview released to Reformation Gun Club members, the group alluded to another release in the coming weeks. Having already teased fans with the “God of Grace” video in December and then the release of the “A Mighty Fortress” single a few weeks later, no one expected a new, heavier song to drop. On January 23, 2023, the same day that “Hymnody” was released, the band released a new single called “Cross of Sorrow.” The new, lower, heavier song would be the first of a series of songs that would focus on the death and atoning sacrifice of Christ, with more songs adapted from LSB hymns. A lyric video for the song “Life of All the Living” was released on YouTube on January 29. Then, just days after Lloyd's 54th birthday, a new EP entitled “All the Blood of Beasts” was released to online stores. Guitarist Metal Fakir (above, right) returned to perform solos on two songs. Italian vocalist Eric Castiglia (right) also made a guest appearance on the title track and “Refuge of the Weary.”

It's Your Birthday

In April of 2023, as a surprise for his daughter's 13th birthday, the band recorded “It's Your Birthday” with Lloyd on vocals. On April 7, the band released a video on YouTube. His daughter was reportedly not thrilled. This prompted Lloyd to suggest that Lloyd should try his hand at vocals on a full song. Lloyd and Lloyd agreed but Brian was reportedly not thrilled. “It's Your Birthday” was released to Spotify and online stores on April 16, 2023.

Risen Today

To celebrate Easter, the band chose to adapt and record hymn 457 from the LSB, “Jesus Christ is Ris'n Today.” Lloyd overcame his reluctance to sing a serious song for the group and the single “Risen Today” was the result. The song was released to online stores on April 16, 2023.

The Brian Experiment Comes to an End

Reportedly disappointed by his exclusion from the band's most recent singles, the band announced on May 1, 2023, that Brian and the band had parted ways. Brian was going back to the UK to pursue other opportunities while the band got to work on new material featuring Lloyd as the new vocalist. In a recent interview, Brian said he had no hard feelings and was looking forward to new opportunities. Lloyd said in a seperate interview that he was grateful for Brian's contributions. “[Brian's] was an important part of getting us started and giving me time to get over my hangup about singing, so I'm really grateful for what he did.” As of this report, Brian still had not landed his dream job at Tesco. The band also announced plans to re-master and release a selection of songs featuring Brian on vocals in a best-of album entitled “The Brian Experiment.”

Awards and Nominations

  • Awarded Most Likely to Go Unnoticed in 2022.
  • The EP “Revelation” went triple Aluminum in December 2022.


  • Rhythm Guitar: Lloyd Bailey
  • Lead Guitar: Lloyd Bailey
  • Bass: Lloyd Bailey
  • Keyboard: Lloyd Bailey
  • Vocals: Lloyd Bailey
  • Drums: Programmed by Lloyd Bailey

Former Members

  • Brian the UK Text-to-Speech Guy