Special Guests

We have been honored to be joined by a variety of guests: podcasters, theologians, gun-rights advocates and industry experts.

Ralph Abernethy III is a native of Drexel, North Carolina and received his Masters Degree from Ft. Wayne Theological Seminary in 1996. Since 2001 he has been the sole pastor at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Newton, North Carolina where I was honored to serve as Congregational President and member of the Board of Lay Ministry. He catechized and confirmed my son and baptized my daughter and so will always have a special place in my heart. Pr. Abernethy was a guest on episode 43.

Mia Anstine is a certified firearms and archery instructor, a hunting guide, writer, and speaker. She is the co-owner of Wolf Creek Outfitters who blogs and records videos about exploring the modern Wild West. When she's not writing, speaking or teaching, you can find her fishing, hunting, or leading hunts for turkey, Elk, and black bear 200 days a year. Mia lives in Western Colorado with her husband and daughter. She is also an armed Lutheran and only the third woman to appear on the cover of Field & Stream magazine. Mia was a guest on episode 28 and is now a regular contributor to the show.

For over 20 years, Rev. Kenn Blanchard has been a tireless advocate for our Second Amendment rights. He has worked with the NRA, SAF, and GOA. He has spoken before congress and before numerous state legislatures. He has served our nation as a member of the US Marines and worked for a secretive government agency-that-shall-not-be-named. He is a firearms instructor, a pastor, a podcaster, and our brother from another mother. Kenn has been the host of the Black Man with a Gun podcast, since 2007. Kenn appeared as a guest in episode 15.

00_jon-braatenJON BRAATEN
Jonathan Braaten of Saginaw, Michigan, is the defending Champion of The Armed Lutheran Gun Trivia Quiz and guest reviewer. Eric has appeared as a guest in episode 17 and episode 31.

Patrick and Cassie Coburn are the husband and wife team who founded Guns4Gals, a specialty firearms boutique in McKinney, Texas. Before they started the company, they both worked late hours in the restaurant industry. When a friend of was robbed at gunpoint while leaving work they decided it was time to protect themselves. They quickly found out how unfriendly gun shops can be for a woman looking for information and to buy a gun. Since they couldn't find a place where they both felt welcome they decided to create a place with a more welcoming environment. Cassie and Patrick were guests on our 2016 Christmas episode.

00_cook-familyBOB COOK
Bob Cook is the founder and President of Cook's Holsters, a custom holster maker based in Georgia. In 2012, after struggling to find a holster he liked, Bob put his 25-years of experience as a mechanic to work to come up with a solution. That holster, which eventually became his Inside The Waistband holster, caught the eye of the local gun range and soon Bob was making holsters and selling them in his spare time. He was soon hiring employees and moving to a dedicated space to meet demand. Cook's Holsters now ships hundreds of holsters every week all over the country and they have a worldwide exclusive license to print True Timber, Realtree, Kings Camo, and Mossy Oak camo on thermal-formed PVC. Their subsidiary, Cook's Gun Molds, also sells prepped gun molds for smaller holster makers as well. Bob was a guest on our 2016 Christmas episode.

John Correia is the owner and founder of Active Self Protection in Phoenix, Arizona. He is a teacher, a pastor, an evidence-based self-defense instructor and martial artist. He also hosts a series of YouTube videos take self-defense stories and teach valuable lessons. John was a guest on episode 39.

Evan Goeglein serves as Pastor at Faith Lutheran Church in Rogue River, Oregon and is the co-host of the long-running theological game show podcast Table Talk Radio. Pr. Goeglein was our guest on episode 30 and episode 32.

00_greg_02GREG HOPKINS
Greg Hopkins received his first firearms training as an auxiliary police officer in his hometown of Waverly, Ohio, where he served on the city council. He earned his law degree at The Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama, and served there as a City Magistrate. He clerked at the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, was admitted to the bar in 1989, served as City Prosecutor for Huntsville, Alabama, and trained the Huntsville Police Department in legal use-of-force. He practiced criminal defense law, served as a City Court Judge, and became a court-certified expert witness in firearms and self-defense law. Greg regularly consults on self-defense and firearms cases to analyze and reconstruct crime scenes. He is a nationally certified instructor in Use-of-Force and Pepper Spray, a certified NRA Pistol Safety and Personal Protection Instructor, and is the author of the book “A Time to Kill: The Myth of Christian Pacifism.” Greg was our guest on episode 38.

00_bobmayneBOB MAYNE
Bob Mayne is an avid competitive handgun shooter, private citizen, modern survivalist and believer in the individual right of the 2nd amendment. He has taken over 180 hours of defensive handgun training and is a TX DPS Certified LTC instructor. He is an every day guy and an eternal student of the gun and the founder and host of the Handgun World Podcast and co-founder of the Self-Defense Radio Network. Bob was our guest on episode 42.

00_robmorseROB MORSE
Rob Morse is a co-host on the Polite Society Podcast and the host of the Self-Defense Gun Stories podcast. He also blogs at the Slow Facts blog. Rob was our guest on episode 40.

Mrs. Armed Lutheran is a North Carolina native who did not grow up around guns but is well on her way to becoming a “gun girl” now that she lives in Texas. She's a school counselor, mother of two, and the wife of The Armed Lutheran for over 23 years. She appeared for the first time on episode 53.

josh_rubyJOSH RUBY
Josh (Jay) Ruby is a former member of the US Army Military Police Corps where he served as a Sergeant in the Traffic Accident Investigations Unit. He attended many investigations courses and is an Accident Reconstructionist. After separating from his service he began precision reloading and competing in F Class rifle competitions. Currently, he spends his free time shooting tactical/sniper matches and long range hunting. He is a member of the Precision Rifle Series and shoots for Team Short Action Customs and is the owner of North Texas Rifle Precision. Josh was a guest on episode 14.

00_schurb01DR. KEN SCHURB
Dr. Ken Schurb has been the pastor at Zion Lutheran Church in Moberly, Missouri since 2002. He has a PhD in History from Ohio State University and is a regular guest on Issues, Etc. He is the author of the Bible study “Called to Vote: A Christian's Approach to Elections,” available from Concordia Publishing House. Dr. Schurb was our guest on episode 41.

Sergey Solyanik is the Owner of Precise Shooter, a gun shop in Seattle, Washington, forced to move by the city's “Gun Violence Tax” in firearms and ammunition sold within the city's limits. Educated at the Moscow Institute of Technology, Solyanik is a Microsoft software developer and a gun store owner. Mr. Solyanik was a guest in episode 2 and episode 3.

00_brandon_warrBRANDON WARR
Brandon Warr is the host of the War Zone Radio Podcast where he fights the Culture War on two fronts: Information and Entertainment. Everything from Movies to regressive SJW Marxism, we look at them all and often even laugh at some of the craziness. War Zone Radio covers Movies and Media, examining Pop-Culture from a Biblical perspective, highlighting themes and celebrating artistic integrity. War Zone T.V. on YouTube is a Marriage of Radio and Television providing a commentary on the Culture at large. Everything from Twitter trends to Radical feminism and the sad state of the modern Church. Brandon was a guest on episode 33.

Bryan Wolfmueller has served as the pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Aurora, CO since June of 2005. He received his Masters of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN in the spring of 2005. He is the co-host of Table Talk Radio, a weekly theological game show which teaches Lutheran doctrine and the proper distinction between law and gospel. He produces a number of devotions and Bible Studies in print and video format and is frequently interviewed on several Christian talk shows including the nationally syndicated radio program, Issues Etc. He and his wife Keri have four children, Hannah, Andrew, Daniel, and Issac. Pr. Wolfmueller has been a guest on episode 17, episode 21, and episode 24.

eric_woodward-pageERIC WOODWARD
Eric Woodward is the owner of 199Trust. Since 2012 his company has successfully completed over 20,000 firearms trusts with no denials or delays by the ATF. He is also a partner in the newly launched Rebel Silencers, which offers a 22 LR silencer for just $99. Eric was a guest on episode 22.