ALR Episode 193 – God’s Promise of Protection

The week is our Clinging to God & Guns Show inspired by the lessons learned in Lloyd’s daughter’s confirmation class. We confess in the first article of the Apostle’s Creed that God protects and defends us from harm and that raises a few interesting questions regarding gun rights and self…

7 things You Need for Your Next Match

I always ask my guests on my other podcast (Unload and Show Clear) what they keep in their range bags. Aside from the usual stuff, of course. What's in mine? Here's a look.

Five Things You Didn’t Know You Need For Your Emergency Kit

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about building a get-home bag for my car for under $50. Later I transformed that idea into an emergency kit. In my opinion, every car should have one. Not just jumper cables, but a kit that will help you deal with…

ALR Episode 185 – Context, Practice, and Ricochets

In this week’s variety show Mia Anstine talks about gun safety and the dangers of ricochets, Sgt. Bill Silvia shares more tips from his preparations for the upcoming 2019 IDPA World Championship, and Pastor Bennett explores the context of this week’s Gospel reading for the 12th Sunday after the Festival…

ALR Episode 184 – Imitating a Non-Violent Savior

This week we are playing “Stump the Pastor – Long Form Edition.” Lloyd shares excerpts from, and Pastor Bennett responds to, an article by an Army veteran turned pacifist who now questions how followers of a “nonviolent Savior who gives life abundantly can own something designed to take life.”