ALR230 – Shotguns, BLM, Cops and Competition

On this week’s variety show Mia talks about popular shotguns for hunting and self-defense, Sgt. Bill talks about the benefits of competitive shooting for law enforcement, and Pastor Bennett discusses concerns about the Black Lives Matter movement.

ALR229 – Preaching to Florida Man Redux

In this week’s Clinging to God & Guns episode, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett revisit that quintessential American rascal, Florida Man, to see what theological and life lessons we can learn from his latest escapades.

ALR228 – Instructors, Hunting, and Modern Iconoclasts

On this week’s variety show Lloyd draws parallels between the iconoclasts of the Radical Reformation and the current upheaval in the country, Mia talks about popular handgun calibers and hunting rifles, and Sgt. Bill talks about selecting firearms instructors.

ALR226 – Training, New Guns, and Whiteness

On this week’s variety show Mia shares some interesting info about the most commonly purchased firearms during the current turmoil around the country, Sgt. Bill talks about training frequency in his Ballistic Minute this week, not just about how often you train, but how often you train different aspects of…