ALR Episode 210 – Persecution

Persecution is mentioned over 70 times in the Bible. Many anti-gun Christians argue that since the Bible calls on us to suffer persecution and to love our enemies, we should not resist the violent criminal with a firearm. If you’ve heard this argument but don’t know how to counter it…

ALR Episode 209 – Reloading, Human Trafficking, and Online Predators

In this week’s “Variety Show” episode Sgt. Bill continues his review of Dillon reloading press add-ons and upgrades, Mia is on the road again reviewing a scary situation in a New Mexico truck stop, and Pastor Bennett has a sobering segment about keeping your kids safe from social media predators. 

ALR Episode 208 – Gun Owners and “Gun Safety”

We’re getting back to our roots in today’s Clinging to God & Guns show as Lloyd and Pastor Bennett dissect and debunk an article from Written after the El Paso and Dayton shootings in the fall of 2019. The author contends that all gun owners have a moral obligation…

ALR Episode 207 – Reloading, Voting, and the DC Project

On today’s variety show, Sgt. Bill talks about reloading and the add-ons for your Dillon reloading press that you must have, might like, and should avoid. Mia talks about the DC Project and how you can get involved. And Pastor Bennett opines about the upcoming elections and our attitude as…

ALR Episode 206 – Boycotts and the 8th Commandment

How, as Christian gun owners, should we consider claims that certain companies are enemies of the 2nd Amendment? Lloyd and Pastor Bennett look at a list of so-called “anti-gun companies” using the 8th Commandment and the principal of Occam’s Razor to answer that question.

ALR Episode 205 – SHOT Show, Gear, and Masculinity

On today’s long overdue variety show, Mia is back from SHOT Show with a report on some of the cool gear she found. In light of all the new stuff at SHOT Show, Sgt. Bill talks about the importance of skills over gear. And Pastor Bennett comments on Biblical masculinity…

ALR Episode 204 – Crime and the 10 Commandments

In this first Clinging to God & Guns show of 2020, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett are playing Crime and the 10 Commandments. We review crime stories from Oklahoma and Texas, try to determine how the Commandments apply and then Pastor Bennett counsels the perps and the victims.

ALR Episode 203 – Happy New Year

In the first variety show of 2020 the gang’s all here. Lloyd opines about resolutions, Pastor Bennett talks about contentment, Mia is shares ideas for new year plans, and Sgt. Bill talks about everyday carry.