ALR219 – Listener Mail

Lloyd and Pastor Bennett dig into the mailbag to answer listener emails about the Biblical view of tyrannicide, the “new normal,” gun storage laws, and prepping.

ALR085 – A Christian View of Home-Defense

There’s a difference between what’s legal and what’s moral when it comes to defense of your home and family. Shoot first, ask questions later or defending property with lethal force are bad ideas both legally and morally. Lloyd and Pastor Bennett discuss the moral issues surrounding home defense in Clinging…

ALR007 – Nerf Guns, Get Home Bags, and Executive Orders

On this week’s show: Listener e-Mail from Tim in Germany, revisiting my articles about my $50 get-home bag, the media’s deranged reaction to Hasbro’s new automatic Nerf gun, and accuracy tips from Sergeant Bill. Plus, Gabby and the Astronaut fret that a President Trump might use executive orders to rescind…