Prepping For Life (by Grant Cunningham)


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The new, organized approach to prepping!

We all know that we need to get ourselves and our families more prepared, whether it’s to face a natural disaster, a manmade accident, or just a sharp economic downturn. Authorities and experts urge us to “be prepared”, and ’prepping’ has gone mainstream.

But who has the time to do it? How do you choose what to do first — what’s most important? And how do you ‘prep’ without breaking the budget? It seems an impossible thing to do, and so most people end up doing nothing out of sheer frustration.

But there is help. There is a way to be more prepared that doesn’t require you to devote all your waking hours to stockpiling stuff you’ll never use, or making your neighbors wonder about state of mind.

Prepping for Life: the balanced approach to personal security and family safety is a groundbreaking book that introduces you to a structured, yet flexible, method to prepare for a wide range of dangers — without becoming overwhelmed.

It gives you the tools you need to understand what and how to prepare, while maintaining a happy life balance!

Prepping for Life shows you how to tailor preparedness to your life. You'll learn how to prepare for a “worst-case” scenario without turning your home or lifestyle upside-down.

Inside the book you’ll find:

  • Why you need to plan (and how to do it)
  • Identifying the dangers and risks in your life
  • How to keep on track and make continuous progress
  • Why 80% preparation may be preferable to 100%
  • How to equip, train, maintain, and optimize over time
  • The importance of lowering your exposure
  • The risk/reward equation and how it affects your preparedness
  • Becoming a harder target no matter what the danger
  • Early warning systems for a wide range of threats
  • The role for Situational Awareness
  • Planning for self-defense and home/family defense
  • Dealing with the severe trauma emergency
  • The risk of fire, both home and wild
  • Planning for natural and man-made disasters
  • A look at public attacks and how to avoid them
  • “Bugging out” and “bugging in”
  • The emergency kits you really need
  • A threat many don’t consider: job loss
  • The legal, financial, and psychological aspects of after-disaster recovery
  • Being “Everyday Ready”
  • How to know when you’ve done “enough”
  • …and MUCH more!

You’ll learn how to equip, train, and maintain your preparations with a minimal amount of disruption in your life.

From defending against criminals to surviving natural disasters, the unique Prepping for Life approach shows you how to anticipate, detect, deter, and respond to the kinds of realistic dangers you face in your life.

Authored by former guest, Grant Cunningham.

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