Things No Gun Owner Should Have

As gun-owners there are certain things we just should not have. I don't mean that we should be prohibited from having them by law. I mean, you'd be stupid to own them. If you do, or if you're considering it, you're just asking for trouble.

1. The Concealed Carry Badge
Nothing screams “cop wannabe” like quite like this product. This item will be one of the first things a prosecutor will jump on as they try to paint you as a guy with delusions of grandeur. A guy who was playing cop and got someone killed. Prepare to spend time in prison and/or a lot of your personal fortune defending your good name if you are arrested in violation of some firearms law (or, God forbid, after a self-defense shooting) and are caught in possession of one of these. And nothing will get you in bigger trouble if you're ever involved in a self-defense shooting.

2. The iCarry T-Shirt
If you carry a concealed weapon, why on Earth would you consider wearing one of these? Even if you don't carry concealed, why? Just why? As they say, concealed is concealed. This stupid t-shirt only draws attention to yourself needlessly. And, if you're wearing one in a store or bank when a group of armed criminals decides to take it down, be prepared to be targeted first, whether you are packing or not. Just plain dumb.

3. This Vehicle Protected By Sticker
Some people seem to think the various incarnations of this window sticker are cool or make them look tough. “This vehicle protected by [insert your favorite firearm brand here]”. Consider this, tough guy: all you are really doing is announcing to the criminal public what firearm you are likely to have locked in the car. If you are in North Carolina, it's illegal to carry a gun into any event where admission is charged. It's also illegal to carry into a school or school event, or into any establishment where alcohol is sold and consumed. If I'm a criminal trolling a parking lot outside the local Applebee's looking for a car to steal, and I see one of these stickers on your car, I'm taking your car. Why? Because either (a) you're full of crap, (b) you left the gun at home, (c) you're breaking the law and carrying the gun where you are not legally permitted, or (d) you left the gun in the car and I'm going to get a car and a gun to boot.

4. Trespassers Will Be Shot Sign
These signs only serve to feed the stereotype of gun owners as gung-ho, bloodthirsty killers. “Castle Doctrine” laws which are in force across the country allow homeowners to defend their homes with deadly force in the event of a home invasion. These laws do not permit you to walk up to a wounded intruder and offer him a coup d'grace to finish him off. Similar to the concealed carry badge, this sign paints an unflattering picture of who you are that you will have to defend or dispel in court if you shoot and kill someone who attempts to break into your home.