Talon Flagship Holster Review

For guys, you've probably heard some variation of this question more than once in your life. “Honey, does this make my butt, look big?” And, unless you've never been married or in a long-term, committed relationship, you should know the dangers inherant in answering this question honestly. The answer is always “no”, or change the subject immediately. Today, I finally got to try out my new wallet holster, and I could not shake the feeling that everyone was looking at my butt.

I do not typically carry a pocket pistol.  When I do, it is because conditions make carrying a full-sized gun impractical, particularly where I have to wear business attire.  Once I tried concealing a compact 9mm in an IWB holster under a sports coat and found myself in a meeting sitting in a folding, open-back chair with the grip of my pistol sticking out the back of the chair.  Another time I found myself in a meeting in a rather stuffy office and unable to remove my coat without exposing the gun.  The alternatives were to switch to a pocket pistol or go unarmed. I chose to switch to a .380 ACP pocket gun.  I will accept the limited capacity and firepower in those situations as opposed to being totally unarmed.

After some searching, the gun I settled on was the Diamondback DB380.  Next came the search for a decent pocket holster.  I modified a DeSantis holster that was left over from my failed dalliance with the Ruger LCP, but have been unsatisfied with the results.  For some time I have been thinking of giving a wallet-style holster a try.  So, I recently ordered one from Talon Training Group.  

The Talon Flagship Holster is made from high quality leather, molded to fit the gun and cut to cover the trigger guard. There is nothing ornate or fancy about it. Solid quality leather, single stitched (reinforced where necessary) with an embossed Talon logo. It's not designed to be shown off like jewelry or a pair of snake skin boots. It may be a wallet holster, but you won't be whipping it out at the department store unless you absolutely have to. And, if you do, nobody will be judging your choice of cowhide.

The design is basically that of a standard front pocket holster, with a thick leather flap is sewn to the “toe” at the muzzle end. This flap is un-tanned on the side away from the gun, providing traction when the gun is drawn so that the holster stays in the pocket.  The holster is inserted into the pocket so that the flap faces towards the exterior of your pocket, preventing the outline of the gun from printing.

When you reach into your pocket, your index, middle, and ring fingers slide in between the flap and the gun.  The trigger finger indexes along the slide and the middle and ring finger naturally wrap around the grip.  As you draw, the gun comes out, but the holster stays in place.

The design works well and does an excellent job preventing the pistol from printing. Talon Training Group suggests that you can use it in either the front or back pocket, but it is a bit too bulky and obvious for the front pocket, in my opinion. Is that a block of cheese in your pocket or are you glad to see me?

Worn with jeans, the denim and the tight fit of the pocket help secure the holster and make it more comfortable. In dress pants, where the holster hangs free, the holster can move and shift uncomfortably. Sitting on a hard surface with nothing but your boxers and the thin pocket between your tuckus and the grip of the gun can be misery. I fully expected to come home from church with the outline of the grip embossed in my right cheek.

So long as you wear it with jeans, the Talon Flagship holster is a reasonably priced, quality wallet holster for your pocket pistol.

Materials: ***
Quality materials. Nothing fancy. Gets the job done.

Workmanship: ***
Single and double stitching where necessary. Color is uniform. Lines are smooth and straight.

Features: ***
The concealment flap helps prevent printing but still allows an easy draw. Unlike some holsters with this feature, the flap is not removable.

Price: ***
$49.95 plus $6.50 shipping.

Turnaround: ****
I received mine in less than 10 days, shipping included.

Overall: *** (out of 5)