SCCY CPX-2 Review

This gun had a crappy reputation in it's original incarnation. First they built a gun with sub-standard materials. There were more than a few examples of the CPX-1 exploding and injuring shooters. The owner of my local range said they had a CPX-1 explode and shred a guy's hand at the range. So why did I buy it?

SCCY also designed a piss-poor manual safety which was too easy to manipulate. Apparently it was not uncommon to have the recoil from the first shot cause your thumb to actuate the safety, thus preventing you from firing a follow-up shot without taking the safety off. By that time, though, unless your first shot was a good one, you're dead. Anyway, the problem was so bad that the company started sending out kits to allow you to remove the safety lever. You don't need one in a double-action-only (DAO) gun anyway…your finger is the safety. But, I digress.

To make things worse, a company exec got caught trolling message boards bragging about his products pretending to be a regular consumer. Not good form. Top it off with the fact that the Vodka brand SKYY forced them to change the company name to the even more rediculous “SCCY” (still pronounced “sky”) and you've got a winner, right?

sccy-cpx2I saw a Second Generation CPX-2 at a local shop and actually fondled it and it felt really good in my hand. So I did some research on the internet and read some good things about the second generation. They apparently dumped the idiot CEO, changed raw materials providers, and changed the design of the gun to merit a handful of promising reviews. Plus it was selling for right around two bills.

The gun breaks down like a Kel-Tec or a Ruger LCP. It has last-round hold-open and a manual slide lock. While the CPX-1 still has a manual safety, the CPX-2 eliminated it altogether. It has a long, heavy, nine pound, double-action trigger pull, eliminating the need for an external safety. The sub-standard steel used in the first generation has been replaced by stainless steel slides and barrels in the second. It is hammer fired, not striker fired, but the hammer is internal, giving it the appearance of a striker-fired gun.

My first range trip was not promising, though. It felt good in the hand, but shooting it was another story. The light weight means the recoil is pretty snappy, and after about 75 rounds the palm of my strong hand was throbbing. Understanding that this is a self-defense gun, not a range gun, I reluctantly dismissed that issue.

The biggest problem, though, was the magazines. The gun ships with two steel, 10-round, double-stack magazines with interchangeable floor-plates with finger extensions. Unfortunately I was never able to get 10 rounds in them. One of them maxed out at eight and the other at five. If you forced more than that, the followers got stuck and the ammo jammed. I took both mags apart and re-assembled them. I even sanded the followers to reduce any drag, which seemed to help, but it never solved the problem entirely.

I called SCCY customer service to ask about the magazines, hoping they would offer replacements. They didn't. The lady on the phone was not very helpful and didn't go out of her way to be friendly. She offered no advice and basically told me to ship them back and they would have a look at them. At my expense.

Despite the initial objections of the instructor, I successfully qualified with it to get my Concealed Handgun Permit, shooting a perfect score with reasonable accuracy. The instructor impressed on me the need to carry a “combat proven” brand so I traded up.

Overall, I'd say the SCCY is proof that you get what you pay for. It has the makings of a decent pistol, and SCCY may yet overcome their rough start, but both the gun and the company still have some maturing to do.

UPDATE: Removed incorrect info about the company's founder vis a vis Kel-Tec.

Concealability: ****
a very concealable form factor just 1″ thick, 4″ high, and 5.7″ long with snag-free edges.

Accuracy: ***
not intended for long-range shooting, but will get the job done at self-defense range (3-7 yards).

Reliability: **
there were plenty of feed issues, mostly related to crappy magazines.

Ease of Use: ***
disassembles/reassembles like a Kel-Tec or Ruger LCP.

Features: ***
two magazines standard, adjustable sights, “second strike capability” so if the round doesn't ignite, you can pull the trigger try again.

Trigger: ***
a stiff, nine-pound, double action only trigger.

Sights: ***
Fixed, 3-dot style.

Ammo Capacity: ***

Weight: ***
just 15 ounces.

Firepower: ***

Aesthetics: ***
has a basic Kel-Tec look with nicer lines.

Comfort: **
the textured grip feels good in the hand and supposedly reduces felt recoil, but the light weight makes it a very snappy shooter. Definitely not a range gun.

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  1. wish i had read this first. i was able to get 8 in one mag and 7 in the other. very hard to load

  2. I purchased one in May, cpx-2, very nice ccw , no problems and shoots well. Liked it so much, went and purchased two more for the collection. The mag springs are very stiff, try a mag loader, load them both up with 10 rounds and let sit for a few weeks, after that they load just fine. This little pistol fits just fine in the front pocket of my jeans, the glove box of my truck and the had warmer pocket of my jacket. Yes, it’s got some stiff recoil, but what do you expect from 15oz 9mm? I have no reservations recommending the cpx-2 for ccw, but like any new semi-auto you have to put a couple of boxes of ammo through it to break it in.

  3. Thanks for this review.. I almost bought one from AIM surplus… and this review changed that for me.

    If you are going to CCW please don’t stick it in the front pocket of your jeans. There are countless self inflicted wounds from this “method” of carrying. In fact, a friend of mine (who I insisted should not pocket carry) just shot himself in the leg last week while trying to get the gun from his pocket.

    If you are going to carry, do it right. In a holster. Or don’t do it.

  4. I have just purchased one of the CPX-2 about a month ago and finally was able to get it out and shoot it yesterday. The gun itself felt great in my hang, but it has a decent amount of kick (or atleast my wife thought so). I was able to get 10 and 10 in the mags, however I did noticed that a certain ammo I was shooting was always jamming….I was shooting a Federal 9mm FMJ and you could get 1-2 off, then it would jam. I switched over to a Winchester 9mm 115grain and had no problems. I did notice however, that it really isn’t accurate. I am not sure if maybe I was a little shaky yesterday or what, however I noticed it was very hard to hit my target. All and all, this is going to be a conceal weapon for me, so I don’t think it will be to bad. For the price, as everyone says you get what you pay for….but I don’t think it is a bad gun

  5. Revolverdude | October 30, 2012 at 8:58 pm |

    I am hoping for the best. I just read 2 different reviews and they both liked the gun for what it is. It is not a target pistol. I bought one and probably 2, just waiting on the other auction to close. (got carried away thinking I was going to be outbid anyway, lol.) Gonna sell one and keep the other in my car. Rather have it stolen than my S&W 638.

  6. The Armed Lutheran | October 30, 2012 at 9:21 pm |

    As I mentioned in my review, I never had a problem with the function of the gun itself. The magazines were the main issue, and the craptastic customer service. For the price, if you are fortunate to get functional mags, the CPX-2 is a decent gun. With the right ammo it is sufficiently accurate at 5-7 yards and would make a perfect car/truck gun. You certainly won’t lose sleep if it gets stolen. I certainly hope that SCCY continues to improve their products and service because I think the CPX-2 has promise. I just would not trust my life to it yet as an EDC gun.

  7. I have the Sccy CPX-1, 2nd gen. and am very satisfied with it. I have almost 500 rounds so far and have not had a failure to feed or failure to fire. I do wish I had held out for the CPX-2 as they did away with the safety lever. I do find the magazine release to be just a bit prominant and I have to be aware so as not to accidently release the magazine. Altho not a range pistol, if you take your time and aim, it will hit what is aimed at. I use a loader to load the magazines and load 10 rounds every time. I find it a very nice pistol for CC. For the range, I like my 1911.

  8. Gary L Coleman | November 6, 2012 at 3:19 pm |

    I have both the CPX-1 , and CPX-2, Have shot over 200 rounds in both guns, All the mags held 10 rounds as they said.Prior to the Range I filled all four mags and let them sit for two weeks. First day out I mixed all four mags with 115gr FMJ, 145grJHP, Hornaday XPX and some 115gr Reloads. Shot all forty rounds with only 1 FTF, and that was due to limp wrist, It Fired upon second pull and it was a reload. Overall of the 48 handguns I own and fire, I carry the SCCY’s the most.The next best guns I own and Carry, are A Polish P-64 and A Bulgi Makarov, in 9X18, and a Star PD .45 Hand polished and with Wood grips.

  9. I have a new cpx2 and am having the same problems with the mags.

    After finally loading the mags by hand they will not load into the gun even with a little force they do not seat.

    Would someone suggest a mag loader, and i will reload and try again.

  10. How bright is it to leave a loaded gun in a vehicle before some teen to find while he is searching for beer money?

  11. I wish people would get their facts right. The owner of SCCY never worked for Kel Tec and yes the first generation had issues. I have a second generation with over 20000 rounds and not one issue with ftf, fte. I love mine and carry it daily. As far as the magazines goes load what it will take leave it for a few days empty it and reload it. Mine now loads ten rounds without an issue.

    • The Armed Lutheran | April 16, 2013 at 10:04 am |

      I admit, I didn’t do enough research on Mr. Roebuck and repeated something I read in an unofficial source. For that I apologize and have tried to do a better job in the many months since that review.

      I still stand by my assessment, though. The CEO, or one of his execs, was caught trolling message boards talking up the CPX as if he was a consumer. There were numerous complaints about early versions failing and injuring people and I did find plenty of anecdotal accounts of the company telling those people to get in line if they wanted to sue.

      As for the magazines, I did load them and let them sit for over a week and the issue never improved. What did not impress me most was the nonchalant attitude of the customer service rep when I called about the issue. No apology. No offer to replace them. No offer to cover my shipping cost. Just a suggestion that I “send them in” and a promise to “have a look at them.”

      I am glad you got a good one. I am seeing more positives about the latest generation and I am glad to see that. I also stand by my final assessment that with a few changes, SCCY might have a good, economical pistol.

  12. I bought a CPX-2T (second Generation) about one (1) year ago. At first, I could not load ten (10) rounds on a magazine. Eventually I increased from 8 to ten on both magazines. Besides that I have not had any issues whatsoever. I have fired about two hundred and fifty (250) rounds so far. My son also bought one. He had some trigger issues. He sent it for warranty repair, and had it back in four (4) days. The lady on the phone was very helpful and cooperative.

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