Re-Thinking Home Defense

The classic depiction of a home invasion is one of the unsuspecting homeowner, nestled snug in his bed when he is suddenly awakened by a strange noise in the living room. “What was that?” asks his wife in a hushed, but panicked voice. The man reaches into his night stand, retrieves a revolver or a pistol, and proceeds to investigate. All too often, however, news reports of home invasions paint a much different picture and home invaders find our unsuspecting homeowner somewhere other than where his or her gun is stored. If you have a gun for home defense, can you reach it when the invasion begins?

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2 Comments on "Re-Thinking Home Defense"

  1. looking to buy a little safe like this where can I get it

    • The Armed Lutheran | June 13, 2013 at 11:24 am |

      Check out the Gun Casket pistol safes. They range from $99 to $199. Use this link or the ad at the bottom of the page and you’ll also support my site if you purchase. The Microvault shown above can be found at Academy Sports or Amazon for around $100.

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