Prepping For Life: The balanced approach to personal security and family safety




Author: Grant Cunningham

Are you a little overwhelmed by preparedness?

The airwaves and internet are always full of bad news, and it seems as though the bad news is increasing. Each day brings a new threat to your health, safety, and happiness, while authorities and experts urge you to “be prepared.”

But just how should you prepare? How do you plan to survive in the midst of your already busy life? How do you know what to prepare for first? It seems an impossible task, and so most people end up doing nothing out of sheer frustration.

Prepping for Life: the balanced approach to personal security and family safety is a groundbreaking book that introduces you to Adaptive Personal Security, a structured yet flexible method to prepare for a wide range of dangers without being overwhelmed. It gives you the tools you need to understand what and how to prepare while maintaining a happy life balance!

Survival preparations are not “one size fits all.” The Adaptive Personal Security method understands that and helps you prepare for the dangers you face in your life — not someone else's. Prepping for Life shows you what Adaptive Personal Security is and how to tailor it to your life. You'll learn how to prepare for a “worst-case” scenario without turning your home or lifestyle upside-down.

From defending against criminals to surviving natural disasters, the Adaptive Personal Security approach shows you how to Anticipate, Detect, Deter, and Respond to the kinds of dangers you face in your life. You’ll learn how to equip, train, and maintain your preparations with a minimal amount of disruption in your life.

Get Prepping for Life and you’ll be prepared and ready — every day!


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