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This holster is designed to be worn around the top of a boot for carrying a small backup weapon.

The holster is designed to be worn on the inside of your weak side leg (right handed shooter would wear it on the inside of left leg or outside right leg).

It laces up with its own lace and is put on after your boot so it won't interfere with the zippers that are part of most boots today.

The combination of the lace and the leather strap allows the holster to fit many leg sizes so we are listing it as one size fits most. It ships with a 36 inch lace but a longer lace can be used to fit a larger boot.

The holster is pre-curved to match the profile of your boot.

Leather is 8-9 oz. cowhide. It is available in natural tan or black.

Laces are shipping as black (Display holster has a different color for demo only).

Cant is set to 10 degrees to help with concealment.

It is made from .080 kydex on the front and back for good retention.

The retention is passive and requires no special draw technique, the weapon simply clicks into the holster. Level 2 retention can be added for additional cost.

The list of available weapons is limited to the “smaller” guns.

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