Cook’s Concealed Carry Purse Holster




This holster is designed to be carried inside the carry pocket of many popular concealed carry purses that are lined with the “loop” side of hook and loop (Velcro).

The holster has a full sweat shield on both sides of the holster so it can be mounted on either side inside the pocket of the purse.

Holster comes with the “hook” side of the hook and loop (Velcro) with an industrial strength adhesive backing so the user can apply it in a manner that works for their carry style. There is enough loop material included to accommodate 2 to 3 applications.

Integrated sweat shield on both sides of holster.
Magazine release covered so there is no chance of accidentally dropping the magazine out of the gun while stored
Both sides of trigger guard covered to protect trigger
Sight channel tall enough to accommodate any aftermarket sights.
​Adjustable retention with a post, screw and flexible spacer.
Made of .080 Kydex in 52 different colors and patterns.

For color samples click here.

For printed pattern samples click here.


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