OnYour6 Holster Review

I found the holsters from OnYour6designs on Facebook. Inexpensive and billed as one of the slimmest on the market, I thought I would give it a try and give you my impressions.

2013-12-11 21.54.33Using thin .06 KYDEX, the IWB holster from OnYour6designs is very lightweight, weighing in at just over 2 oz. The design is your basic clamshell with a single rivet at the barrel, a full sweat guard to keep the slide away from your skin, and a bolt-on belt-clip.

The single rivet closure means the retention is not adjustable. Others have a screw with a rubber washer instead of the rivet. This allows you to manually adjust the retention to your liking. Without it, the OnYour6 holster is thinner, but the retention is a one-size-fits all affair which is obtained by aggressively molding the holster around the trigger guard. This makes the retention more tight than I prefer.

2013-12-11 21.55.09OnYour6Designs claims that each holster is “hand molded to fit each specific model.” I found that claim to be slightly exaggerated. Aside from the aggressive molding at the trigger guard, you'd be hard-pressed to tell that the holster was made for a Beretta Nano. Basically the KYDEX is wrapped around the gun, pinched and molded at the trigger guard, and then rivetted together. The clamshell itself is smooth and non-descript.

The OnYour6 uses a clip which is screwed onto the exterior of the shell. To avoid metal-on-metal contact the holster is molded 2013-12-11 21.52.21with a recess to keep the washers away from your weapon. Unfortunately the recessed area is open at the top, exposing the washers to the metal of your slide each time you draw and holster your weapon. Unless you carefully holster or draw the weapon at the proper angle, you inevitably scrape the slide against the washers. The washers are polished and smooth, but you still have metal-on-metal contact every time.

The belt clip is made from the same, thinner KYDEX as the shell, which should be a concern. It has a pronounced hook at the bottom which helps anchor the holster securely to your belt. The downside is that it makes the holster more difficult to take off. The thinner KYDEX will likely mean this is the first part that will fail since it takes some work to get the holster off once the clip is secured.

The shell is smooth and sanded, with no signs of polish, but with a .06 KYDEX sheath, that really doesn't matter. The time spent polishing the edges of such a thin sheath would do nothing to add to the value. The shell has a full sweat-guard, allowing you to carry under a shirt, against your skin.

2013-12-11 21.55.57One thing I liked about the design was that the holes where the belt clip is attached are not circular. They are oblong, allowing you to adjust the cant to your liking by loosening one or both screws, tilting the clip and then re-tightening. Unfortunately, the hardware used is cheap. One of the screws was fastened down very tightly and I stripped the phillips head, creating jagged edges and preventing me from adjusting the clip.

Because the design uses a bolt-on clip rather than one that is molded from the same piece of KYDEX as the sheath, the OnYour6 2013-12-11 21.50.30holster rides higher on your waist. It also creates different pressure points that I found difficult to get used to. My holsters ride very low and at a distinct cant, and the OnYour6 felt very different as a result. This is not a criticism of the design, but an observation. If you are used to this kind of belt clip it will feel perfectly normal.

OnYour6designs does turn orders around quickly. Expect delivery within a week of your order. The holster retails for $44.95 but was on sale for $30 at the time of this article.

Overall, I found myself under-whelmed by the OnYour6 holster. There's nothing really remarkable and everything about it screams “cheap!” The lack of molding, the lack of adjustable retention, the thinner KYDEX, the position of the washers, and the cheap hardware make this a budget holster that I simply cannot recommend.

Concealability: ***

Comfort: ***

Workmanship: **

Materials: *

Turnaround: *****

Options: ***
A handful of colors, fifteen makes, around 74 models, four belt clip sizes.

Value: *
Starting at $44.95 with $7 for shipping free shipping (on sale for $30 at the time of this article). Unfortunately it's not inexpensive, it's cheap.