Inside the Mind of a Gun Banner

Modern liberalism is an ideology of paradox and hypocrisy. The mental gymnastic skill required to be a faithful liberal today is quite remarkable. What's even more impressive is how oblivious to these paradoxes the average liberal is.

Contradictory SignModern, progressive liberals are instinctively gun banners. They do not grow up around guns and their only exposure to them is through media and news reports. Like President Obama who speaks of people who cling to their guns and their religion, and their racial bigotry, they have little regard for those who support gun rights. They see no need for guns. They fear them. And they hate those who do not agree.

Mind you, there are people who consider themselves liberals who support the Second Amendment. These classical liberals are more rightly called “moderates” in today's political lexicon. They support the principals of individual liberty and civil rights. The modern liberal base of the Democrat party is not ideologically moderate. They are strident, committed leftists. Progressive, is the preferred term, but the progress they claim to support is not liberty, but libertine. They favor collective rights over the individual, and the power of the state over the rights of the citizen.

The modern liberal is a gun banner who claims to believe in civil rights and liberties. Yet they fail to see the paradoxical nature of their policy prescriptions:

The liberal hates guns, but has no problem watching them or using them in movies and television.

The liberal thinks the only purpose for guns is to kill people, but thinks the government should have a monopoly on their ownership and use.

Sixties era liberals grew up chanting “Kill the pigs!” but now believe only police should have guns.

The liberal believes the Second Amendment only applied to muskets, but thinks the First Amendment applies to the internet, computers, and smart phones.

The liberal thinks armed guards in schools is a bad idea, but they demand armed security for themselves.

The liberal thinks “high capacity” magazines should be banned and those in possession of them should be prosecuted. But, they see no problem when a reporter obtains one without license in order to score points against the NRA.

The liberal thinks gun free zones will keep us safe, but they insist on armed security for themselves and our government officials.

The liberal thinks America's gun laws are “lax” and need to be tightened because they contribute to drug violence in Mexico. But they completely dismiss Operation Fast and Furious as a “phony scandal.”

The liberal thinks we must do everything we can to reduce gun violence, but they propose banning guns that are rarely used in crime.

The liberal thinks we must keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but proposes restrictions that will only apply to the law abiding and will make them criminals by default.

The liberal believes average citizens are not safe enough to be trusted with firearms. But they muzzle a room full of reporters with their finger on the trigger while holding their press conferences.

The liberal grieves over children killed by guns, but calls the millions killed in abortions “women's reproductive health.”

The liberal counts 21-year-olds as children when tabulating gun deaths, but children killed in the womb are not even human.

The liberal doesn't believe you need to carry a gun for self defense, but they keep concealed carry permits for themselves.

The liberal wants a gun-free America. But when they are the victims of crime, they wish they had one.

The liberal thinks that conservatives are waging a “war on women,” but when women who have been victims of rape or sexual assault stand up for gun rights, they are told that don't really know that they are going to be raped, they don't need a gun, they are better off with whistles and call boxes, or they should vomit or urinate on themselves to discourage the rapist.

The liberal claims to believe in privacy, civil rights, and freedom from government spying. But they have no problem publishing the names and addresses of gun owners in newspapers, they have no problem with the government collecting a registry of gun owners, and they have no problem with doctors inquiring about patients who own guns and reporting to the government, or imprisoning and executing people who own guns.

Liberals hate guns. But then someone tries to break in to their house at night they call 9-1-1 and wait for men with guns to come save them.

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  1. Anti-rights cultist point to the United Kingdom’s low firearm related homicide rate but ignore that violent crime in total is at least twice as high as America.

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