Grand Power P1 Mk7 Review

While the name Grand Power may be new to you but these Slovak-made guns have been in the US for several years under a different brand. The larger K100 was previously imported by STI International in 2008 and re-branded the STI GP-6. The K100 had earned a reputation in IPSC competitions in Europe and STI — best known for custom competition guns — wanted a gun for use in the production divisions in the US. Now, Century Arms International is importing the K100 Mk7 and the compact P1 Mk7 under the original Grand Power name. 

Grand Power P1The Grand Power line was designed by former Slovak Army officer Jaroslav Kuracina in the late 1990s and first produced in 2002. The larger K100 is very popular in IPSC and tactical applications in Europe, accepted for use by Slovak police and military units. It features a polymer frame with accessory rail, rotating locking barrel, fully ambidextrous controls, 3-dot sight system, and four interchangeable back-straps.

The compact P1 Mk7 features a 3.6″ rotating, locking barrel, rather than the more common Browning tilting barrel design. In many ways it is similar to the Beretta/Stoeger Cougar or Beretta PX4 Storm except it does not require a transfer block to interface with the slide and frame. The rotating barrel design helps reduce recoil and makes follow up shots easier.

The slide and barrel are Tennifer coated to resist corrosion and wear and the slide has deep, easy to grasp cocking serrations. There is a matching set of press-check serrations at the front of the slide as well. Slide to frame fit is excellent.

Grand Power P1The P1 is fully ambidextrous. The magazine release, slide stop, and thumb safety are all replicated on both sides of the pistol. The safety and slide stop are very low profile but are exceptionally easy to actuate. They both may be the easiest I have ever worked with.

The safety lever is positioned similar to that of a 1911. The ridge on the safety lever is just enough to allow you to sweep it on and off with ease, but not so large that it dramatically changes the thickness of the frame.

The P1 is a SA/DA pistol that can be carried cocked and locked, but there is no de-cocker, so the DA pull can only be achieved by manually letting the hammer down on a loaded chamber. Like the 1911, this is not a gun for the novice. The SA trigger is perfect for competition. The pull is smooth and even, and not too heavy. It breaks cleanly and resets fast.

Grand Power P1The grip frame felt great in my hand with the default back-strap, but there are three more that you can use to tweak the grip to your liking. The front-strap is lightly checkered and the grip panels and back-straps have a nice texture similar to skateboard tape. The texture reminds me of the Sig polymer grips, like the SP2022, only slightly less aggressive.

I loved almost everything about this gun, but found one thing I really hated: disassembly. Takedown is like the Walther PPK or Makarov, except that the trigger guard is not hinged and simply flexes downward. I found this to be a real pain to do. I should have taken a picture of this for those unfamiliar with the design. Basically you disconnect the front of the trigger guard from the frame and bend it downward until it can be pulled to the side and rested against the bottom of the frame. This disconnects the slide from the frame and allows you to remove it for cleaning. Reassembly simply requires you to slip the front of the trigger guard back into the slot in the frame to lock the slide onto the rails. With practice, it's probably easier but it takes a lot of getting used to.

The P1 proved to be a delight to shoot and very accurate. It ate everything I ran through it and never failed. This would make an excellent competition gun or self-defense gun for the more experienced shooter.

Concealability: ***
Similar in size to a Glock 19 at 7.38″ long with a 3.66″ barrel.

Accuracy: ****

Reliability: *****
Ate everything without fail.

Ease of Use: ***
No decocker lever, requiring manual decocking. Takedown is a pain.

Features: ***
Controls are ambidextrous and incredibly easy to actuate.

Trigger: ****
Smooth and not overly heavy in double action mode.

Sights: ****
Excellent 3-dot sights.

Ammo Capacity: ****
15+1 rounds of 9x19mm.

Weight: ***
27.3 ounces.

Firepower: ****

Aesthetics: ****
Attractive finish and lines.

Comfort: *****
Grip contour is extremely comfortable and texture is perfect.