Zastava Yugoslav CZ-99 Review

The Zastava CZ-99 has an interesting history, and at first glance looks very much like a Sig, but once you get your hands on it you realize just how different it really is.

Gabby, the Gipper, and Background Checks

As CNN provides play by play coverage of the walk-throughs at the location of tonight’s debate, Gabby and the Astronaut want to know where the candidates stand on background checks.

The Unarmed Lutheran Re-armed

In my previous post I discussed how it felt to travel unarmed for the first time in years. Since then I thought I would share some ideas for how you can re-arm if you find yourself in a similar situation.

One of these Things is Not Like the Other

When members of open carry advocacy groups hold peaceful demonstrations at restaurants and businesses they smile, pose for pictures, fly flags. In response, anti-gun groups like Everytown for Gun Confiscation Safety wets its collective pants. When Black Panthers brandish weapons and chant threats against police, those same groups are nowhere…

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Unless you live under a rock, or you’re like me and you bought a house, had multiple car repairs, and a death in the family in the span of three weeks, you may have noticed the latest spate of shootings and the media brouhaha that resulted.

Travelling Unarmed

Last Monday I was visiting a client in Dallas when I received a text message from my Mom, informing me that my step-father had passed away. As a result we had to make last-minute plans to travel back to North Carolina for the funeral.

Habakkuk’s Complaint in the Modern Age

The prophet Habakkuk called Israel to faith in the face of persistent evil. Just as Judea was made low and chastened for their transgressions so we face similar threats today as we blur the lines between right and wrong.

At Least He Didn’t Have a Gun

Monica Johnson’s estranged husband broke into her house on Sunday and bludgeoned her to death with a baseball bat. The local Sheriff says women should learn to use a gun to protect themselves. Anti-gunners want women to put their trust in restraining orders and background checks.

New Home, New Strategies

Moving sucks. The reason I’ve been a bit tardy in writing lately is because I just bought a house. Now that all the dust has settled and the boxes are unpacked, it’s clear that a new home means a new strategy for home security.

Disarming the Elderly

The Obama Administration’s latest attempt at backdoor gun-control is to deny 4.2 million Social Security recipients the right to keep and bear arms.

#Some Lives Matter

Throughout history we have seen what happens when a large segment of a society decides that some lives matter more than others.

And the Winner Is…

When I re-launched the website with a new look on June 17, I decided to celebrate with a big giveaway. Today we announce the five winners.

Blood Dancing in Chattanooga

Following the shooting at the recruiting center in Chattanooga, the fools at Americans for Responsible Solutions are fundraising off the death of the four Marines.

Yeah, It’s a Man-Purse

I got tired of lugging around a half-empty backpack with no computer in it, so I switched to an EDC bag. Okay, yeah. It’s a man-purse. But it’s a tactical man-purse.

What To Do During a Break In: Part Two

In this second installment in our series on what to do during a break in, we’ll discuss what to do (and not to do) if you have family members or children at home during a break in.

I Want a Sanctuary City

As you all probably know — or you would if the news media wasn’t so focused on gay marriage, faux outrage over the Confederate flag, and women’s soccer — a woman in San Francisco was killed by an illegal immigrant in a so-called “sanctuary city.”