Beretta Unveils New Pico Pocket Pistol


Beretta USA unveiled a new pistol at the NRA Annual Meetings in Houston today.  The new Pico is a pocket-sized pistol in .380 ACP, based on Beretta’s experience with the 9mm Nano.

pico_01The Nano was designed with CCW in mind, and the Pico takes the same concept and applies them to a pocket-sized platform.  The Pico is just 18mm wide with no external levers to snag on clothing.  The Pico shares the Nano’s breakdown mechanism, modular chassis, and interchangeable sights, but adds a flush slide lock lever which the Nano lacks.  The Pico is chambered in .380ACP but can be converted to .32 ACP with a simple barrel change.  Like the Nano, the Pico breaks down and reassembles easily with just 29 parts.  Unlike the Nano, the Pico is hammer fired.

The Nano was a major success for Beretta but aftermarket products and accessories were slow to catch up.  With the Pico, Beretta has already partnered with third-party manufacturers to make accessories like holsters, sights, and frames available when the Pico launches later this Summer.  Lasermax has developed Pico frames with lights and lasers built into them, Trijicon has developed night sights specifically for the Pico, and holster manufacturers like Gould & Goodrich are already making products for the Pico.  Beretta is also collaborating with Double Tap to develop a new .380 personal defense cartridge for the Pico.

The Pico will ship initially with a stainless slide and barrel, with a black stainless slide option coming in 2014.  The Pico will ship with two magazines (one flush fit and one extended) and a zippered carry case.  The initial price point is $399. For more info visit Beretta USA.

Pico, by the way, is a prefix in the metric system denoting a “trillionth,” derived from the Italian word piccolo meaning “small”. Pico follows Nano in the list of metric prefixes, so I’m guessing the next Beretta pistol will be the Femto or the Zepto.

3 Comments on "Beretta Unveils New Pico Pocket Pistol"

  1. The upcoming “Femto” will be marketed exclusively to women, while the “Zepto” will be a tribute piece to the Marx Brothers.

  2. Hank Koopman | July 22, 2013 at 1:09 am |

    What would be price and availability of a Beretta PICO in 32 ACP?
    Thank you for your time and attention.

    • The Armed Lutheran | July 22, 2013 at 8:41 am |

      As I understand it, the MSRP will be $399 when the Pico comes out next month. I don’t know what the price point on the .32 ACP barrel will be, though. Based on the price of replacement barrels for the Nano, I’d guess Pico barrels will be under $100. Just a guess, though.

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